Urban VPN
VPN service for young and free spirit
About Urban VPN
The goal was to create simple and secure Free VPN service for community that is changing very fast. We wanted to capture users of all the platforms in a short time. The user journey had to be fast and almost invisible.
The name 'Urban VPN' push me to think about something loud and strong like graffiti on the walls of downtown. The colors had to be impossibly bright with high contrast between each other.
Every boring product could be joyfull
Some screens for Windows, Android and Chrome Extension. You can try the products here
Our goal was to give to our clients secure & fast VPN service for free. We wanted they to leave our competitors and started with us immediately. They could use all the Urban VPN products and to be a part of ecosystem without thinking twice.
So we decided to create applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and also browser extension with 'add cutting' feature.
Browser extension Urban VPN + add blocker
Why the Robot
To be honest VPN is really boring thing. So I decided to make branding as crazy as I want. Ones clients see this magenta color with a lot of robots they will recognise it.
All the VPN providers always trying to show how secure and solid they are. And trust is very important, but what about joy? I think an atmosphere has to be less stressful. Somebody can hate mascots but a lot of us want to meet a helpful robot like R2D2, Valley and iRobot.
RoboUrban is really cool dude with a lot of self-irony.
So the first milestone of Urban VPN was achieved and we saw pretty good statistic numbers. The next challenge is to keep all the users with us and to attract new clients. Urban VPN is planing to develop free-sharing community around the product and add more features.
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