Urban VPN
VPN service for young and free spirit
VPN service is a demanded IT product. The crowd of competitors in this market is growing every day. Urban VPN is a simple and secure Free VPN service for the dynamic IT community. We wanted to engage users to the product via all the possible platforms. So we build Windows, Mac, Android, iOS applications and Chrome and Mozilla browser extensions. And now Urban VPN is always somewhere around.
Urban VPN is recognizable and very simple service. That's why it's pretty successful. In the first week, we got 10 000 downloads from all the platforms. For that new service (launched in November 2018) it already has a lot of fans and permanent users around the world. The biggest number of downloads we are getting from China, Russia and Eastern Europe.
So the first milestone of Urban VPN was achieved and we saw pretty good statistic numbers. The next challenge is to keep all the users with us and to attract new clients. Urban VPN is planing to develop free-sharing community around the product and add more features.
+ Researcher
+ Product Designer
+ UX/UI and Visual Designer
+ UX Writer

+ Brand-new Product
+ Desktop & Mobile Applications
+ Website and Affiliate Service

To catch the market
VPN and Proxy market have been boosting the last few years. Some locations give huge advantages so people are looking for a way to get these. There are a lot of different products that are helping to resolve location restrictions issues but everyday plenty of users are creating millions google requests for it. It looks like the proper time to create a new VPN product. New VPN service has to attract a big audience and give it what its need.
For creating a steady product competitors research is the must. After thorough market review was aligned the list of characteristics that have to be strong enough in Urban VPN:
+ stability;
+ security;
+ good price;
+ speed.
+ Market Research
+ User Research
+ User Journey
According to Persona, we had built we determined the values we have to think first in the product. Our users would need a fast and stable VPN service that would work from every device every time they need it. It has to be cool for getting their attention and easily recognizable from a number of similar products. We wanted to push the users to download the product and try it because in this industry any product doesn't have to much time to get their customer.
Simple and secure Free VPN service in dynamic market conditions
To create secure, fast and VPN service. We wanted they to leave our competitors and started with us immediately. They could use all the Urban VPN products and to be a part of ecosystem without thinking twice. The product is consist applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and also browser extension with 'add cutting' feature and a website.
Some screens for Windows, Android and Chrome Extension
Only push the Pink Button
All the UX inside and out of the product has to be very clear. No heavy statistic no social networks connection. Users can get the information they need with the quick look. It is only the essence. UI/UX is the same for all the platforms, you don't need to think twice.
The only feature we decided to add is advertising blocking. Annoying ads could disturb the work but there are some cases users need these. So we decided to give this option inside Urban VPN.
Browser extension Urban VPN + add blocker
Every boring product could be joyfull
To be honest, VPN is really boring thing. So I decided to make branding as crazy as I want. Once clients see this magenta color with a lot of robots they will recognize it.
All the VPN providers always trying to show how secure and solid they are. And trust is very important, but what about joy? I think the atmosphere has to be less stressful. Somebody can hate mascots but a lot of us want to meet a helpful robot like R2D2, Valley, and iRobot. RoboUrban is a really cool dude with a lot of self-irony.

You can check urban-vpn.com to see in live
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