Oron Steam
Logo for Revolutionary Steam Car Project
About The Car
Steam is the one of oldest energy source. In this days we use oil, gas and solar energy. We have repair stores everywhere. But what about a never braking car? What about never stop for gas? Oron Steam is the first steam car will used on the streets, highways and outdoors with 200 years assurance
You need to be aggressive for survive

The idea was to make some mature brand for people that believe in real products. Interesting fact that Oron Steam is not using any technology newer than about 200 years. And every part of it is never braking. So it will useful even in Resource Wars situation. I found a big potential in the post apocalyptic aesthetics. There are everything about punk, it could be aggressive, ugly and very attractive in the same time. I took gothic type for basis.

Aggressive, ugly and very attractive in the same time
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