Residential Proxy Service
About the Product
GeoSurf is internet company that's giving proxy and VPN services using SaaS business model. They have different types of clients from free-lance programmers to big companies and even huge corporations like Google or Amazon.
The main challenge of design was to represent immaterial
product as API is. We wanted to create a special atmosphere of technologies but in the same time to show values and to be clear to clients.
Highlights of the website
Look & Feel
So I decided to go with trends. I took gradient and use it all the way. But who will judge me?
The look and feel of GeoSurf have to to e the must trendy as possible because this is product for those who is making internet right now. So at the first second they have to recognise us as dynamic company. I also create the illustrations to show the value in some schematic way.
So we got a client. What's next?
User Dashboard
Customer success service is a strong side of GeoSurf. So after client starts his way we are doing our best to give them the best environment for using the product.

We have been working with features of Geosurf Dashboard all the time. Statistic dashboard contains complex infographic that could be useful for making decisions. That could be really useful for managers of teams with multiple users.
One of the problems of the Dashboard is a lot of options. With improving our service we define a new problem – complexity. We decided to give users to try any combination of services before purchase. So I built the logic for getting a code example before purchase.
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