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Research for Armstreet
Learn About The Product
manufacturer of top-quality medieval costumes for history-related events
ArmStreet is a manufacturer of top-quality medieval costumes for history-related events, beautiful fantasy dresses, costumes for LARP, handmade accessories and jewelry. Our stainless steel armour kits protect SCA, HEMA and HMB sword-fighters all around the globe in at least 35 countries. Pursuing the goal of becoming an universal supplier of quality goods for medieval history enthusiasts, historical movies and theatres; we've assembled many different types of manufacturers and craftspeople under one roof. Our ever-expanding line of products now includes fantasy and medieval leather goods, footwear, camping tents, archery gear, decorative weapons, and functional combat shields and bucklers. We love to discover new technologies and design new items, which is why we eventually decided that every product we sell should be designed and produced in-house.

Source: https://armstreet.com/who-we-are.html
Categories of the Users
Primary Users: role (LARP and other) games participants; self-performancers ; dancers; musicians; fantasy and medieval lovers.

Secondary Users: exotic apparel lovers; friends and family of primary users; designers; fashion bloggers; Pinterest, Tumbler etc users; artists.

Tertiary Users (decision makers) : film and theatre directors; costume designers; art-directors.
User Profile
The first stage of user research
There are a short user profile I created to understand who my users are and handle on my user population. I highlighted characteristics could help me to create Persona for better usability. It's the most important part in user centered design — to understand who you are creating for.
To improve the empathy
After decades of implementation, Alan Cooper's Persona is still very popular method of design thinking. It helps to understand the users' mental
models to predict logic of interactions with our product.
The advantages of surveys are: quickly collecting quantitative data from a large number of users and relatively low cost.
So the product and users have been investigated. The time to choose proper research activity. Throw the most popular methods like interviews, surveys, focus groups, card sorts etc I decided to move forward with surveys. Surveys advantages are: quickly collecting quantitative data from a large number of users and relatively low cost.
As I study before, my users are community focus. I wanted to use the power of the relationship of trust that have already built up. It could give a good conversion. I wanted to ask as existing customers as a new clients to see and compare expectations on both stages.
Sensitive Questions
Armstreet believes in email marketing so the idea of survey email campaign was approved immediately. We asked to answer a survey and get a discount for the next purchase.
We wanted to ask our primary clients how satisfied they are with their journey. How is it to order sophisticated custom armor kit and what can frustrate them on the way.
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