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Hi, I am Kate Wolfson check out my projects

Kate Wolfson
Product Designer
Hi there, I am Kate.

My goal as a Designer to help users to solve their problem and make them happy. That's why research is the must. I would never know users' needs and problems without asking them, giving them a solution for testing, watching them and listening their feedbacks.

In the second hand business goals are important too. I've already studied tons of topics, from beekeeping to residential proxy, because of work. And every time I dive deep to the business to understand how it works and what can I do for its developing. That's why the only way for me is to work only with good and useful products and make those better.

And I am sure 'Design for Designers' is not the best idea even if it looks nice and managers love it.
It is my professional pleasure to be a part of a Product Team in which all the members have their own professional point and passion in a Product.

Contact Me
+972 58 400 80 97
Contact Me
+972 58 400 80 97
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